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The Top 3 Hunting Games of 2014

Technology in both the software and hardware of computers and gaming consoles continues to advance. Games are becoming more and more realistic and games can transport us to a world that we may not be able to experience in our everyday lives. This is especially evident when looking at recent hunting games.


This game is by far one of the most impressive and detailed hunting games available today. With a huge open world environment filled with incredibly realistic trees, plants and animals, this game transports players to a detailed outdoor environment and puts them in the shoes of a hunter on the trail of a wide variety of prey. The fact that “theHunter” is a massively multi-player online (MMO) game adds to the appeal. You have the ability to play alongside up to eight of your friends and show off your skills in online competitions. The game also tracks a plethora of statistics and records your progress as you explore the wide open world searching for record breaking trophies.

Deer Hunter 2014

The “Deer Hunter” franchise has been around for years, but this latest edition lets you immerse yourself in the life of a hunter whenever you want via smartphone. The first-person shooter (FPS) offers a wide variety of locations from the forests of North America to the savannahs of Africa. This game also includes an extensive upgrading system for your weapons so that you can hunt bigger and better game as you progress through the various levels. With over 100 different animals to hunt, this game can keep you entertained and occupied for hours. Be careful though, some of the bigger prey can quickly turn the tables on you.

Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts

Easily one of the leaders in the hunting world, whether virtual or real, Cabela’s, in partnership with Activision, has been creating outdoor-themed video games for years. Having created dozens of games as far back as 1998, “Pro Hunts” is their latest release and it is by far the best. With incredibly accurate ballistics, new tracking and hunting methods and highly detailed maps, you can easily lose yourself in this virtual hunting world. The game guides you through a wide variety of hunts and includes guidance and tips from world renowned hunters and pros to help you along your way. This is the most realistic hunting experience out there requiring you to track, stalk and eventually harvest your prey just as you would in real life.

And for those of you who are looking to move from the virtual world to the real world, consider checking out the virtual ranges at HunterCourse. You can see exactly how your shot would line up and what weapons would be best for you as you transition from a controller to a real weapon, whether that weapon be a rifle or a compound bow. You can also read up on state specific hunting regulations and get your certifications so that all your hunts are legal and correct. Whatever your preference of hunting, make sure you stay safe and have fun.

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