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3 Common Electrical Problems a Homeowner May Face

Maintaining a home can be a hassle, especially if one isn’t prepared for the electrical breakdowns that can occur. Electricity is one of if not the most essential parts of a home. Having fully functional electrical systems allows for heating, cooling, lights, phone usage, and so many other appliances. This is why it is important we have some idea of how they work so that, when something does break down, we know how to react. 

If electrical issues are not corrected in time, they can cause fires or fatalities. One important electrical component is circuit breakers that are used to direct and stabilize electricity as it flows through a home’s wiring. Here are a few common electrical mishaps a homeowner can face at some point. 

Circuit Breaker Problems 

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Without circuit breakers in a home, electricity cannot be evenly distributed to the different places it’s needed. A circuit breaker will have problems due to power surges and short circuits. When a greater demand of electrical energy is put on a circuit, it cause breakers to trip. To fix this issue, turn the circuit breaker switch off and then on or buy a new one.

For about 50 years, homes have been built using circuit breakers that protect families from unpredictable events. Circuit breaker panels should be inspected annually as these breaker boxes control what goes on in a room with the flip of a switch. A square d 50 amp breaker is often used to repair a faulty circuit. 

Dead outlets

A dead outlet no longer has energy flowing through it. Dead outlets are due to faulty wiring or a tripped circuit breaker. Defective outlets are a fire hazard because the protective coating around the wiring deteriorates, exposing it to other wires. Methods to fix this include replacing the outlet, buying a new fuse or circuit breaker, and replacing loose or damaged wiring. 

Some more tips to avoid outlet problems are inserting plastic safety caps, not unplugging an appliance by pulling the power cord at an awkward angle, and turning off devices before unplugging them. It is important to be cautious around damaged outlets. Almost 4,000 injuries a year are because of these type of outlets.

Electrical surges

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Electrical surges are a dramatic increase in power throughout power lines and wiring in a sudden burst. The cause of the surges can be natural weather events like lightning strikes or internal causes. This can be from rapidly turning on and off of household appliances, overuse of a device, faulty wiring, or overloading. Ways to mitigate this electrical problem include scheduling routine maintenance and having the right home coverage plan.

These spikes in electricity can leave behind corrosion and cause equipment to wear out faster. Also, this surge of high voltage can cause appliances to fail. That means higher costs to replace the equipment that was permanently affected.  

As noted, electrical systems provide power to a home so the homeowner can have access to working appliances that make life easier. There is no way a homeowner can survive without the tools and systems electricity systems provide. In order to eat, keep up with hygiene, watch T.V., and have access to other amenities, it is critical to keep up with the maintenance of a home’s writing and electrical outlets.

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