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Unveiling the New ASUS X550JK: A Boom for Gamers

When the Nvidia Shield Tablet was released towards the end of last year, the technology world raved about the first game dedicated gaming device of its type. This innovation emerged


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The New 3D Projectors and Their Capabilities

The entertainment business is constantly shopping for ways to improve their approach and impact on an audience. In 2008, 3D-ready projectors were introduced to contribute an extra dimension in the


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GTA IRL (Grand Theft Auto in Real Life)

The resounding success of “Grand Theft Auto: V” means that millions of players have cruised the open roads of Los Santos. According to Gamespot, more than 33 million people have


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Connect With Everyone Using Video

From letters to telegraphs to emails, humans have consistently invented, created and found ways to communicate with each other through the centuries and across many parts of the globe. Modern


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How to Nerd-Out Your Home Decor

Embracing your inner (or outer) nerd is about more than just being secure in who you are, it’s about adopting an entire lifestyle that reflects all the things you enjoy


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When Home Security Becomes a Liability

The “smart home” concept is one artifact of science fiction that, until recent years, teetered on the brink of mainstream acceptance. Now, just a shout away from becoming the norm,


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4 Ways 3D Printing Will Change Our Lives

Some of the newest concepts and developments in 3D printing seem about as realistic as a hover board from Back to the Future Pt. II, but among all of the


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Ushering In A Quiet Tech Revolution With Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology is stirring a quiet revolution for those interested in geeky things. Now that cloud computing is out of its early years of trial and error with early