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What We’ve Learned From the Classic TBC Beta So Far

Classic WoW fans are mostly finished with Classic and are eagerly awaiting Classic The Burning Crusade (TBC) release, which will likely launch in summer 2021. Currently, Classic TBC is in Beta, and some lucky players have already stepped foot in Outland. So, what have we learned about TBC so far from the Beta? Is it looking how we expected? And how are Blizzard’s changes shaping up? Let’s take a look. 

Leveling Speed

WoW: Burning Crusade Classic will let you level boost once so you can jump right in, but you’ll have to pay for it

If you’re used to playing Retail WoW, then the TBC leveling speed will seem slow. It’s just how things are in Classic. You’re going to need to complete almost all of the quests in every zone in Outland, and complete them optimally. If you make mistakes or miss something, you won’t have enough experience to progress and will hit a roadblock. To put the slowness into perspective, you can go from 50 to 60 in around 6 hours in Retail. According to the Classic TBC Beta, it’ll take you six hours to move from level 60 to 61!

Grinding is going to be just as much a part of Classic TBC as it was in Classic WoW. So, if you’re the kind of player that loves experiencing the old content but hates leveling, you might want to consider WoW Classic boosting services to get you where you want to be. 

Area of Effect (AoE) Caps

Area of Effect Spell Cap Not Stopping Mages in Burning Crusade Classic

It should be a shock to no one that Mages have reigned supreme in Classic WoW as boosters. Because of their powerful Blizzard AoE spells, they can boost lower-level players through dungeons with ease. They simply gather a huge mob of enemies, maintain their distance, and blast them with the AoE Frost spells. This is possible in Classic because there’s no damage cap on these spells in relation to the number of enemies. 

However, this will change in TBC. Activision-Blizzard announced they will be putting in an AoE cap on mage spells, which will limit their ability to handle vast crowds of mobs. Unfortunately, the AoE cap is not yet live in the Beta, so we can’t tell just how big an effect this change will have. 

ZG Coins

Currently, in Classic WoW, players who are bored with the leveling process but still have a few levels to go to get their character to 60 have another option – ZG Coins. You can hand in ZG Coins in exchange for experience points. It’s easy and fast, with a rate of six million XP per hour. Many players were hoping that they would be able to use ZG coins in TBC, at least for the earlier levels. Some players have even been farming up ZG Coins with a plan to use them for a level boost in TBC. 

However, Blizzard has now announced that ZG Coins will not work in TBC. If you were one of those players who farmed the coins, we’d recommend using them on one of your alts. 

Gray Quest Reputation

Reputation is a huge aspect of the game in TBC and something that many players will be dedicating a whole lot of time to. Why? Because dungeon difficulty is gated by reputation. You need a certain amount of reputation to unlock Heroic difficulty. It makes sense, right? However, there is a problem. You don’t get reputation on quests that are Gray to you because you’ve out-leveled them. Going into the Beta, this was something players were interested in testing because it could potentially lead to a lot of problems. For example, suppose you somehow out-leveled quests by doing other activities. In that case, it could mean getting the reputation you need to unlock dungeon difficulty levels is almost impossible or will be a huge grind. The jury is still out on this one because the level cap in Beta is still too low for quests to turn gray. However, you can spam dungeons to build up your rep, although it won’t get you the whole way. 

Rogue Chest Farming

WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade Beta Has Kicked Off; Currently Limited to Level 64 Without PVP Content

Good news for all your Rogues out there; it looks like you’ll still be able to stealth into lower-level dungeons and farm the chests. Some players were concerned that Blizzard would make changes to the way this worked because it can be a massive moneymaker for Rogues and is even easier with improved stealth. 

Guild Banks

How did Guild Banks works?

Good news for everyone! Although in the original version of the game, Guild Banks weren’t introduced until a later patch, it’s looking like we’re getting them from Phase 1 of TBC. 

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