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9 Star Trek Ships Redesigned as Cars

You can tell a lot about a culture or era from its cars. Think of the big, brash, confident cars of the US in the 1950s, or the way that today’s motoring conversation is centered around electronics, tech, and environmental features rather than old-school engineering or aesthetics. In ten years time, maybe Apple and Google will be more synonymous with the automobile than Ford or even Tesla. But how about in three century’s time?

Of course, if Elon Musk has his way, we might not even be living on Earth anymore – let alone driving his Tesla vehicles over the surface of our home planet. Instead, we might look to science-fiction spaceship design to get a better of idea of how 24th century car manufacturers might be thinking. Specifically, what might the ships of Star Trek’s tainted utopia look like were they re-imagined as road-cruising motors?

Naturally, the legendary USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is a sleek number that has no trouble getting you to town at warp speed. But how about that Borg Cube? It’s just about ready for anything, such are its tank-like proportions. It’s no slow coach, but it might just meet its match in the Klingon’s Bird of Prey, which pairs extreme propulsion and versatility with invisible cloaking to stay one step ahead.

The USS Defiant NX-74205 also comes with cloaking of course, and its formidable armor gives it staying power in a road battle. With six wheels of awesome power, it’ll be a steady drive off-road, surely obliterating trouble from any Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic truckers you might happen across!

We have created a fantastic new visualization of just how these designs might look. Whether you choose the one that looks coolest to you, or you’re more interested in what’s beneath the hood, you’ll find plenty to inspire as you boldly go to your 24th century car dealership!

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