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Revealed: How Modern Technology Is Making Small Businesses Safer

When we think about small business technology, we usually look at the impact in terms of performance. It’s no secret that technology has made businesses more efficient and more productive. There’s also no denying that it improves the bottom line by reducing expenses and maximizing the output. 

But, there’s another way that new tech has impacted small companies. Many of the developments over the years have made massive safety improvements for businesses. A startup in 2020 is far safer than it would’ve been ten years ago. So, this article will explore some of the ways that modern technology has made this happen. 

Enhanced Data Security

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Firstly, we’ll look at cybersecurity. The technology in this domain has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. Small businesses can use better data security software than ever before. In turn, this protects companies from getting into instances where data is stolen. A big aspect of this is the cloud. Cloud computing means physical data storage is becoming obsolete. As such, there’s less risk of people breaking into a business and stealing hard drives full of valuable information. The threat of data theft is still alive and well, but small companies are better equipped to deal with it. 

Less Need For Cash

A modern startup can be completely cashless. This means it doesn’t carry or use any physical cash at all. Financial technology has advanced to the point where a small business can buy a credit card swiper and accept payments through an app on their phone. It’s that easy. Thus, there’s no need to accept cash payments. From a safety perspective, this reduces the chances of being burgled and losing money. No cash on the premises means there’s no need for someone to try and steal from you. Employees feel safer because they know that nobody will come in and demand they unload the cash register or empty out the petty cash jar. Obviously, this also makes your profits safer as people can steal cash and employees can’t try and take some when you’re not looking. 

The Virtual Business

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That’s right, a lot of small companies are virtual. In effect, they don’t exist in a physical space. You and all of your employees may work remotely from loads of different locations. This has a dramatic impact on safety and security. There are fewer security threats to a business that operates virtually. With no premises, there’s nothing to potentially get stolen. Employees are safe as they work from the comfort of their homes. Modern technology has made this possible, it couldn’t be done a decade or so ago. 

This post tells you two things. Mainly, it shows how modern technology can make a small business a lot safer than it ever was. But, it also demonstrates just how influential technology has been in the business world as a whole. It’s not just improving efficiency, productivity, and saving money. It’s also enhancing security practices, making people safer, and creating loads of benefits for small businesses. 

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