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Plumbing Services Have Gone Modern

When you hear the word “plumber,” chances are your first thoughts are still clouded by old comic strips and animated comedies. That is to say, the traditional image of a plumber remains an overweight man hunched over a toilet bowl exposing his rear end inadvertently and eventually charging too much. Plenty of people have certainly had real life experiences justifying this caricature, so it’s fair enough if that’s where your mind goes. But if you need to hire a plumber in the near future, you might be relieved to know that the plumbing business has become decidedly more modern of late.

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To begin with, it’s a pretty fair assumption that plumbers these days are a little bit more concerned with their images specifically because of the aforementioned caricatures. Plus, there are a few extra incentives not to adhere to the negative image. First, society is a little more politically correct these days, and part of that means presenting a clean-cut image to strangers whenever possible. But second and more importantly, online reviews drive service industries nowadays, and plumbers, like many other types of servicemen, will be fully aware of this fact. Showing up with the lazy, dirty image many of us imagine with regard to plumbers can actually directly cost someone business in today’s climate. So in a roundabout sort of way, the rise of online review systems is probably resulting in better service.

But you might also be surprised by how far plumbing services have come over the years. Once upon a time we imagined this as a very messy and disruptive job. It might involve a serviceman turning off water to the house and disassembling toilets. Or in more extreme cases it might mean a whole crew digging up parts of the yard to gain access to piping to fix a bigger problem. But thanks to modern methods and considerations, hiring a plumber is no longer so disruptive or disgusting.

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Part of this change has come about because licensed plumbers often work within the confines of green initiatives. In other words, there is more concern for clean and sustainable environments, and that can actually make a big difference in how a job gets done. There’s more consideration of methods that might damage your home or its surrounding environment, and cleaning solutions are generally a little bit – well, cleaner. You may not always notice the impact of a green initiative on how a plumber handles a problem, but in certain cases it can save you a mess. Plus, more and more consumers appreciate the knowledge that a given business is operating with environmental consideration, even if the changes aren’t particularly noticeable.

The more noticeable changes come from some of the new technology that can be used within modern plumbing services. For example, we mentioned that with more severe issues a crew might come out and tear up your lawn in order to access pipes and discover the root of the problem. Now, however, a lot of plumbing services have access to technology that allows them to pinpoint such problems without having to simply dig and search. In some cases that even means a small robotic device equipped with a camera that can enter a pipe and locate the root cause of a given issue. That’s certainly a lot more technological than we tend to imagine this sort of process being!

All this is ultimately to say the experience of hiring a plumber or plumbing crew has moved well beyond the caricature we tend to imagine. The processes have become more technological and modernized, and it’s become more like hiring any other kind of serviceman to do a job around the house.

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