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50+ Cool Nerd Cakes For Geeks

When you were in school, you probably knew of a geek or two; in fact, that geek may have been you! While being a geek may not have been the


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Great Add-Ons to Improve the Mobile Gaming Experience

Smartphone users don’t generally ask for a lot in terms of their games. Or they haven’t historically, since games have traditionally been considered simple built-in functions to play with when


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How the Sci-Fi Paranoia of the 1950s Become Part of the Contemporary Politcal Landscape

Genre fictions serve very real purposes. Comedies, of course, make life more bearable by making us laugh at the incongruencies we come up against in everyday life. Sword and sorcery


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Trade in Your D-Pad for a Like Button: Social Gaming in 2014

Social media draws us into the lives of our friends and followers, with more activities and entertainment options available on social media every day. The versatility and availability of social


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50+ Geeky Wedding Ideas & Themes

It’s a new year! Welcome to 2014 Everyone! A new year brings new adventures in life and love. Love being one of the bigger of the two adventures :). People


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3 Geekiest Ways People are Earning Coin on the Web

How to Sell Your Pokemon Cards

The web is pretty neato when you think of it as a platform for earning coin. Not just in the general business sense, where you set up a store or


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Audacity or Stupidity? 3 Bizarre ID Theft Cases

10 Bizarre Cases of Identity Theft

With all the attention on the dangers of identity theft, you’d think that it would be on the decline. According to Time, the Federal Trade Commission says that’s not the


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Samsung to Introduce 64 Bit Architecture

Samsung says its next-gen smartphones will have 64-bit processors too

Apple released their iPhone 5S last week and it came with some really surprising features that we didn’t see coming. And undoubtedly, the 64 bit architecture introduced in cellphones; iPhone