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How to Make a Ridesharing App Like Uber, Lyft for IOS and Android

It’s no secret that today mobile devices are integrated into our lives so much that new services that are just entering the market are focused on mobile users. Thanks to


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Upgrade Your Home with IoT and Nest

If you were at CES in Las Vegas this year, or kept up with the coverage coming out of that event, then you’ve heard that Vivint and Nest are working


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What to Expect from Augmented Reality

The long anticipated release of the Oculus Rift VR system along with mid-priced options like the Samsung Galaxy Gear VR were supposed to drive a virtual reality revolution in 2016.


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9 Travel Gadgets Every Geek Needs To Keep Close

A tech-head’s list of essentials is teeming with various devices, and they come before everything else. After all, leaving the precious devices behind is not an option for any self-respecting


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Dice with Buddies Review: Yahtzee with Friends was never so easy, or fun!

Growing up in a big family, family bonding was always a huge part of our daily lives. One of my fondest memories was of our weekly game nights. We would


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The Future Of Electronic Devices [INFOGRAPHIC]

Computer technology has advanced dramatically, and things that were never thought possible have become widely used. Now, there are new technologies on the horizon that are likely to revolutionize computers


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These Advancements in Medical Tech are Saving Lives and Improving Healthcare

Technological advancements in healthcare are increasingly user-friendly, cost-effective, and more accessible. Innovators are shaping the industry, including with life-saving devices. The following outlines tech that is improving healthcare, which is


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Data Loss In Windows 10 And Free Recovery Software

Technology can be a blessing and a problem at the same time. We are well aware that while using the latest tech devices can be amazing, we have to face