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Gamers Can Often Take The Following For Granted [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gamers all around the world have big expectations, and we like them to be met. For instance, if we’re to give at least £50 or $60 for a brand new, triple A title, we want it to be good, and we certainly do not wish for extensive monetisation tactics to be involved in the product we consume. Additionally, some even wish for a lack of digital rights management so that they can own the game completely, as certain storefronts such as GOG, formerly Good Old Games, holds as their golden pro-consumer standard.

Yet there are a few things that gamers take for granted. Music and art, for instance, is perhaps best expressed in the video game industry as of late, as the sonoros soundtracks or beautiful vistas we come across are easy to dismiss if the gameplay doesn’t hold our attention. Level designers slave over trying to ensure their games can be logically followed, even if the whole experience may result in a 6/7 out of 10 on review sites.

Additionally, we rely upon the internet to purchase game licenses, update our profiles, connect and play with friends and find out about new games to begin with. But what if at least one of these essential and robust necessities failed to deliver? Turns out, we could be in more trouble than expected:

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