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Cool Tech You Should Be Using to Make Your Business Better

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Thanks to the rapid development of technology, the way we live our lives and do business have changed and made things a lot easier and quicker, thus making our businesses more successful. However, with some many developments and innovations, sometimes it’s hard to keep up and to know what will help you. There are also things you never knew existed, did you know that there are smart kettles now which could save you and your employees time and even tech services now so that you can check and employee’s criminal records? With that in mind, here are some gadgets or services which may help you to save time and money in your company – which is what we all want really.

Energous Wattup

While all offices have wireless routers as they are as important as water and electricity these days, the other thing that people are after doing or need to do is to charge their devices. The WattUp is a router that can also wirelessly charge devices. Using Bluetooth, Radio Frequency and its own technology, this router can deliver power to phones, tablets and other devices within a 15-foot range. It can also prioritize items that are lowest on battery power. This could certainly save time and issues of dying batteries in the workplace and make for happier, fully charged employees too.

TrackR Bravo

Do you find that company property goes walkabouts sometimes? Perhaps it’s keys people are always losing or staplers that people just keep taking home with them? TrackR Bravo is a small, attachable disc, about the size of a penny and is only 3.5mm thick so that you can put it on a set of keys, on a phone or pretty much anything that you don’t want to lose and it will act as a radar. If an item is missing but still within 100 feet, you can find it using TrackR Bravo’s app and a Bluetooth signal by sounding an alarm. However, if the item is further away, you track it using other TrackRs as a collective cloud to help you locate it, no matter how far away it is.

Mr Coffee Smart Wi-Fi-Enabled WeMo

This new device lets people control making their coffee remotely, meaning that every cup can be freshly brewed, the beans can be freshly ground and they don’t even have to leave their desk, so can carry on working. No need to take a coffee break and end up chatting for ages in the kitchen. If the coffee supplies are running low, then the system sends an alert to users’ iPhones and even better than that it can also detect when you walk in the building and send a note asking if you’d like a cup ready for when you get into work, how nice is that?

Sengled Boost

Today, lightbulbs can do a lot more than brighten a room. The Sengled Boost is a Wi-Fi extending bulb, which means that dodgy Wi-Fi connectivity in certain spots in your office will be no more. This lightbulb can boost your Wi-Fi and eliminate the problem so that you can work anywhere in the office with no connection issues.

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