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Disease-Fighting Technology: A Look at What’s Next

Technology has played a vital role throughout human history in the fight against disease. Collectively diseases, from cancer to heart disease, are the leading cause of death in the United


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Most Fun Free Mobile Games

2015 has been a great year for mobile games. Let’s take a look at some of the most addictive, entertaining, gripping, hilarious and rewarding mobile games to be released this


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10 Sustainability Apps You Must Download

In this world of high tech wizardry we surround ourselves in everyday, it is easy to forget about the environmental impact our increased productivity has. Indeed, it is not just


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LG G4 Review

LG has released it’s successor in the G line, and they have made some great improvements on the previous G3 phone. If you were a fan of the G3 you


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Wallet Apps Decoded: 5 Secure & Simple Options

Americans rarely carry cash anymore, and why would they? Nearly every restaurant, store, shop, stand, and cafe in the world accepts credit and debit cards. A 2014 study found that


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Samsung’s SUHD 4k TV Review

Samsung’s breaking out the big guns this year and it has finally landed in a Best Buy near you – the premium Samsung SUHD line comprises three series with nine


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What Gaming Can Do for Your Company

Gaming in the workplace – it seems counterintuitive, right? Common knowledge would say that employees should be working when in the office, not playing games. And yet, gaming – particularly


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Get the Most Out of Your Next Convention With These Tools

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority report that 22,103 conventions are held in their city each year with 5,169,054 attendees. That figure only accounts for Las Vegas and doesn’t