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Apple’s New Macbook – Is USB-C The Future?

At Apple’s event last Monday, attendees got first look at the much-talked-about Apple iWatch, which is capable of an 18-hour battery life depending on how people use it. There was


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Elon Musk: The Science Superhero We Need

For decades, people have been captivated by the immense potential space exploration has to improve the lives of millions. These speculations have been largely confined to the pages of science


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Find the Most Exciting Mobile Games of 2015

With advancements in miniaturization and mobile technology, the popularity of mobile gaming continues to rise. Developers realize that creating visual and highly-complex games is now more possible with phones like


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How Far We’ve Come: Then and Now of Gaming

Like most of you I grew up a huge gamer, ever since the dawn of gaming time (which for me, was after 1985 with the NES). Before the NES there


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Vitamin String Quartet: New Geek Wedding Album Review & Giveaway!

There is just something about modern music being portrayed in a classical way that really sings to your soul. For geeks, any geeky music played in the same manner is


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DIY: How To Make Your Own Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality is all the rage, and it is HERE. NOW. No, Seriously, it’s here already – the future! Virtual Reality Is All The Rage If you’ve been following the