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The Modern Tech Behind The World Of Gaming

It’s no secret that life has never been better for a gamer. With the array of companies, hardware options, and communities occupying this space, it’s easy to get lost before you even start playing the games you love the most. Over the last few years, the greatest developments found in this industry have large been hardware-based. With countless techy toys available, it can often be hard for a gamer to choose the best place to invest their money, but this post is here to help you out. Exploring some of the modern tech behind the world of gaming, it should give you a good idea of what might work for you.


While the most avid gamers out there would cringe at the idea of using a smartphone for their favourite games, these devices have a lot of merit. The titles which are produced for the devices themselves aren’t where you should be looking, though. Just about every PC gamer in the world has an account with Steam. Coupled with a good internet connection and their Steam Link app, a computer and smartphone can create an incredible mobile gaming experience. You’ll be able to run games which would usually be reserved for your computer, without having to spend a fortune on new devices which only serve one purpose.


If you’ve been interested in the gaming industry for a while, you’ll probably have some experience with VR. For those who aren’t acquainted, you can find loads of articles around the web which answers the question of what is virtual reality? There are a lot of companies producing products in this space, and they are getting cheaper and cheaper all the time. A VR headset can be found for very little, and the price of motion sensing hardware is also going down, but this will only get better as the years drift by.


A lot of people think that AR is simply a stripped down version of VR, though this couldn’t be further from the truth. AR stands for augmented reality, and modern examples usually involve using 3D images and models being overlaid on the images produced by a camera. This can bring your gaming experience into the real world, with games like Pokemon Go bringing this technology to mobile devices. Microsoft are also trying to push for this to become more popular, with their Mixed Reality system providing VR, AR, and other technologies which are unique to them.


Best PC Game Controllers 2019

A games controller may seem like a relatively simple tool, especially when you’re first getting into gaming. In reality, though, there have been many arguments between friends about the best way to control a video game, and it seems as though companies have been listening. The best example of a modern controller comes with the Nintendo Switch. The JoyCons they produce can be used in countless configurations, and boasts some of the best haptic feedback on the market. If this isn’t enough, though, this little console lets you use controllers from each of their console’s generations, and you can even find replica NES and SNES controllers which don’t need an adaptor.


There is a lot of debate about the best devices to play games on. When it comes to raw power and performance, though, nothing can beat a PC, and a lot of money has gone into making this better over the last few years. NVidia, for example, has been blazing the trail with their RTX lineup. They are far from perfect, but promise to offer the graphics of the future on a machine which can be built today. Based around raytracing, these cards make lighting far more dynamic, creating an immersive experience which most people don’t know exists.


As the last area to consider, it’s time to think about something which most gamers wouldn’t associate with their time gaming; furniture. There are several angles to explore in this area, with the chair and desk you use playing a role in the time you can spend gaming, and a huge amount of modern options available to augment the gaming experience. Chairs which have speakers and desks with built in monitors are just scratching the surface, with companies like Acer selling systems which would blow most gamers away.

The gaming industry has always revolved around hardware. Even since the earliest days of arcade entertainment, people have strived to improve their experience with gadgets and gizmos. Of course, though, this is progression hasn’t stopped, and there are plenty of tools to sink your teeth into.

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