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What Is Supply Chain Security and Why It Affects Everyone

What Is Supply Chain Security?  Supply chain security helps manage the risks introduced by external vendors, suppliers, transportation, and logistics. It involves identifying, analyzing, and mitigating all risks inherent in


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How Your Company Can Manage Risks and Save Money

As a business owner, you are constantly faced with risks. These can range from the risk of losing a key customer to the risk of a natural disaster. While some


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Four Project Management Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Any kind of business project involves challenges. But with the right skills and experience, you can solve them more easily. Here are four common project management challenges you need to


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The Gambling Laws in Canada and How You Can Bet on Sports

Sports is a way of life to many Canadians, with the likes of Ice Hockey, American Football, Baseball, Soccer and Basketball ranking as the most popular events. Thousands of fans


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How to Prepare a Business Plan for Your Startup

Do you want to create a profitable business? Startups are usually pretty risky, no matter how original and useful the idea is. So you need to take into account every


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Trading Types you Need to Know

Some people don’t like gambling, but in a way we all gamble.  We all have certain pensions and drawings with our jobs and banks that need fluctuations in the exchange


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How Technology Impacts Project Management

Technology is one of the most important investments crucial to successful project management. From innovative tools to modern processes, tapping innovation is important for the best outcomes. In this article,