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What is Mobile Data Leakage and How Can Children be Affected?

In the UK, data regarding our children is held by a number of organisations and mishandling of this data can result in leaks. In this article, we’ll discuss what data


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5 Ways To Protect Your Personal Information

In this ever-connected world, it can be difficult to maintain a modicum of privacy online. It is, however, imperative that you do so in order to protect your personally identifiable


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How You Can Benefit From Disposable E-mail Technology

In the technology filled society that you live in today, everyone is taking advantage of e-mail. Whether you are communicating with friends or colleagues, there are almost no more effective



A Smart Biz Owner’s Step-By-Step Guide To Protecting Company And Customer Data

What do customers want first and foremost? A business they can trust. But if the recent cybersecurity landscape is any indication, becoming that business is getting harder everyday. Hackers hold


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Getting to Know the Newest Personal Assistants

With just a couple words to a dark obelisk in the corner, your lights dim, music starts playing, and a pizza is delivered straight to your door. While all this