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How to Make Amazing Sci-Fi Polyscapes on Your Phone

Apps are finally catching up to people’s imaginations, and people are starting to make some pretty wild sci-fi artwork right from their phones. Today we’re talking polyscapes. Polyscapes are beautiful


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Out Of This World Effects And Animations With Abstract Patterns Using Amberlight 2

Here at Infinigeek we love things that take us out of this world, and creativity is the best vehicle to get there. Today we are pleased to feature a design


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Introducing Adobe’s new UX Design Application

As a general rule, Adobe is the dominant provider of software and design tools to the creative industries. While numerous firms have challenged this dominance, many have either failed (as


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Use Your Smartphone’s Camera for Graphic Design

Freelance photographers and graphic artists often keep a camera with them to capture images that might otherwise be missed. Now, it’s even easier to get high quality shots on the