Niche SEO Is The New ‘IN’

Change is inevitable, and it applies to everything; trends, regimes, culture, polity, technology, eras, and everything you could think of. The world is continuously moving forward, and so are digital marketing practices.

To adapt to the changing business paradigms, digital marketing connoisseurs are advocating a new way of executing conventional SEO practices. SEO is changing, and it had to. Since the evolution of SEO, a lot has changed.

Today, when the e-commerce industry is growing saturated by the day, the old school broad category thing doesn’t fly around anymore. You have got to specialize in a niche and target the right set of customers to be able to survive in this highly competitive industry. 

The paradigm shift in SEO is being labeled as a Niche SEO. Your business should embrace it so that your content, website, and products become more findable online and create a user flow or funnel starting from other forums to straight to your site. 

What is Niche SEO?

How to Do SEO When You’re in a Low-Volume Niche

Niche SEO is described as an idea that search engine Optimization Company should break free from its conventional scope. SEO should also build strategies for other sites that people use to consume content. 

The idea is that Internet users aren’t just using Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find things online. They are also using social media sites like Pinterest and LinkedIn to search for content and even online shopping sites like Amazon to find products and solutions.

Netizens do not always use search engines to find things online. The emptiness is that SEO practices do not target other forums beyond the realm of Google, Bing, and Yahoo. People also use sites like Pinterest to search for content and shopping sites like eBay and others to find products. 

The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, said that Bing and Yahoo do not threaten Google, but Amazon does. 

Niche SEO doesn’t question the importance of traditional SEO or doesn’t disavow the efforts done to get a boost in rankings. It is, in fact, an extension of the plan, something which complements the conventional practices to maximize online sales and set canons in the right direction. 

Think of traditional SEO as a hatchback. The manufacturer of the car rolls out a new design and adds a trunk to the car, which now becomes Sedan. This Sedan is the niche SEO. 

How to Use Niche SEO

Should You Customize Your #SEO Strategy For Specific Niches?

People are not solely counting on search engines to browse the internet and ideas. They are digging deeper into social media sites, and other websites to find solutions to the problems they are confronting. If you want to reach your prospective customers, people who are looking for offerings like yours, you will have to be a proponent of this school of thought and use it to your advantage. 

Through other Websites

The content was the king in conventional SEO, and it continues to reign supreme in niche SEO as well. Niche SEO includes the promotion of your content, business, and products on sites like Etsy, eBay, Yelp, and Amazon as well. 

The strategy to rank your content on each of these sites will be different. However, you would need to embed the keywords naturally into your content (old school). Things like tags, descriptions, links, and profile pages so that it is easy for the forum to index your content when the user types relevant keywords. 

Each of the forums, as mentioned above, would have a strategy which is peculiar to it. Exploit that to rank amongst the top. 

Through Traditional Search Engines

Using Your Niche’s Demand Distribution Curve to Improve Your SEO, Social, and Content Strategy

Google is using the search results of other sites to enrich its own search experience for users. For instance, if you search a product on Google, it will show you tabs that connect you to the e-commerce stores that sell that product. 

You can also search for images or news or video tabs to find more relevant content. 

Google is now planning to include a carousel slider at the top of the search result page for mobile users. 

It will show results from sites like Pinterest, Houzz, and others so that users can find it on the go. 

This implies that while adding content to other sites, and you will have to follow traditional strategies like link building and organically placing keywords, to increase the prospects that content would surface up as special links in Google search results. 

It’s not likely that the practice of niche SEO will replace traditional SEO, but it may begin to be more relevant as the way we use the internet to find information changes. Use niche SEO in addition to your regular SEO strategy to build more links and strengthen your brand’s online presence.

It’s not that the introduction of niche SEO will outsmart conventional SEO to make it look obsolete. However, it will be more apt to target the user based on how they use the internet. Remember, you don’t have to dismantle the wagon, you have to add a trunk and the chassis, engine and body parts remain the same. 

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