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5 of the Best Apple Watch Accessories That Are 100% Worth Buying

Owning the best Apple Watch accessories can help you get more out of the best piece of wearable tech on the market! Here’s what you should buy…

You’ve already made the best choice in wearable technology by opting for the sleek and sophisticated Apple Watch, but why stop there?

Don’t own the best in time wear tech only to outfit it with cheap accessories.

Here’s the must-have list of the top 5 best Apple Watch accessories you shouldn’t be without.

1. The Belkin Powerhouse Charger

If you’re like the average Apple Watch user, you’ve probably been content attaching your watch to that little round, white, charger each night and letting it sit plugged in on your desk… or worse, your floor.

Time to step up your charging game!

Avoid the risk of crushing your watch in the morning or simply forgetting to put it on. Upgrade to the Belkin Powerhouse charger and get more for your money.

The Belkin charger not only takes care of charging your Apple Watch during the night, but it’s a great iPhone charger at the same time. You read that right, it charges both at once.

This nifty device is made by a reliable brand so you’re guaranteed it’s a great fit.

The Belkin Powerhouse charger follows the simple design of Apple products and saves you time (and outlets) while charging. Not to mention, it takes up less space on your dresser than two clunky chargers and chords.

2. The Spigen Tough Armour Case

G-shock design, and military-grade protection, what’s not to like about this rough and tumble ultra-protective Spigen Tough Armour case?

This thing has some serious style and will keep your Apple Watch safe from just about anything short of a nuclear bomb.

It comes in various colors to suit your tastes and the best part is, it’s highly affordable. You can find the Spigen Tough Armour case goes for around $15 on Amazon.

3. The Twelve South Action Sleeve

If you’re into sports like weight-lifting or boxing, sometimes having your Apple Watch strapped to your wrist presents a major challenge. That’s where the Twelve South Action Sleeve saves the day.

Move your Watch where you want it, your forearm, or upper arm, and then sit back and enjoy increased mobility and heart rate tracking.

The sleeve comes in multiple colors to match your gym attire and hits around $30.

4. Native Union Dock – The Marble Edition

Oooh, this baby’s got class. And why not? The Apple Watch is a design wonder in itself, why not compliment it with this beautiful docking station?

Simply stated, it’s just a good-looking chunk of marble to set your Watch on to keep it safe and make it look gorgeous when you’re not wearing it.

It does offer some practical function as well–stick your charger into the aluminum arm and voila! Your Apple Watch looks stunning while it gets a charge.

This aesthetically pleasing accessory is almost as vital to your Apple accessory arsenal as the best text editor for Mac. Trust us, this Apple Watch doc is a perfect fit.

5. The Pantheon Keychain Magnetic Charger

With the Pantheon Keychain Magnetic Charger, you can have a charge anywhere you go. You need never find yourself out of battery again. 

Simply plug your Watch into this keychain charger and keep making all the phone calls your heart desires. 

It’s a bit on the pricer side, around $45, but being able to charge your device from anywhere may be worth the investment.

Find the Best Apple Watch Accessories for Your Watch

At the end of the day, the best Apple Watch accessories out there are simply those that offer the features that you personally need.

Deciding what you need and want out of your Apple Watch will be the best guide to choosing the right accessories so you can have the Apple Watch experience you’ve been looking for. 

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