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Protein S Deficiency

Protein S is named for Seattle, Washington, where the protein was first identified and isolated. Protein S is involved in the process of programmed cell death. This is a normal


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Don’t Forget Dignity: Give Your Aging Relative Some Personal Space

When you’re acting as a caretaker, it’s common to get so preoccupied with all the things that must be done that you forget to give the patient a little bit


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Will We Be Using Digital Pathologists Soon?

The diagnostic review of specimens in a pathology lab is conducted with formal, standardised measurement protocols, which are useful worldwide. However, these protocols ask for pathologists to use their eyes,


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5 Apps to Get You Up and Moving With Diabetes

Integrating physical activity into your lifestyle can feel intimidating—but it doesn’t have to. There are all kinds of workouts, sports, and activities to explore. If you are new to fitness


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Disease-Fighting Technology: A Look at What’s Next

Technology has played a vital role throughout human history in the fight against disease. Collectively diseases, from cancer to heart disease, are the leading cause of death in the United