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Big Brother Can’t Read These Old-School Paperbacks

Secret surveillance. Conspiracy. Traitor. Hero. These words have been thrown about in the news recently with the focus on Edward Snowden, former contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA). Snowden


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Nintendo DS vs. The Sony PSP

Although the current handheld brawl is between the 3DS from Nintendo and the PS Vita from Sony, millions of people will still be using the older DS and PSP devices


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Does J.J. Abrams Have What it Takes to Keep the Star Wars Legacy Alive?

Star Wars fans are worried about the next film and that is perfectly natural. You would be worried whenever someone new comes to cut your hair. No? After you have


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Enjoy The Benefits Of Wireless Charging With These Four Market Leading Qi-based Solutions

Wireless charging is gaining immense popularity. The Smartphone users are giving up on the traditional cable chargers and they might even vanish after a few years. In order to fulfill


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5 Alternatives Now That Google Reader Is Gone

Google Reader closed its doors on July, so it’s time to finish mourning the loss of this great service and look into alternatives. According to Tech Crunch, approximately 50 million


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The Importance of Your Online Reputation To A Future Employer

In a study conducted by CareerBuilder, surveyors found that 37 percent of hiring managers use social media sites to research potential employees. At the top of the list, 65 percent


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S4 Nexus Edition: Is It Better Without TouchWiz?

The Galaxy S4 has already sold more than 10 million units in the first month of its availability. It looks to be right on course to break all the records


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5 Amazing Ways That Robots Are Being Used In Medicine

If the Jetsons were any indication of the things to come, we’d all be riding around on our flying cars and have a personal robot to serve as our maid,