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Elon Musk: The Science Superhero We Need

For decades, people have been captivated by the immense potential space exploration has to improve the lives of millions. These speculations have been largely confined to the pages of science


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Technology for Disease Control and Prevention

Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweiss faced a serious and morbid conundrum during his time at the Vienna General Hospital in 1847. Women were becoming fatally ill a short while after giving


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Non Military Uses for Drones

There’s no question about it: there is a lot of stigma surrounding drone technology. It’s not difficult to understand why. Until recently, they’ve been used primarily for military purposes. However,


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Fact Vs. Science Fiction…Are They Still Distinguishable?

Science-fiction novels don’t always correctly predict the future – but it is pretty jarring when they do. Really, science-fiction stories typically reflect the idiosyncrasies of their own time more than


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How the Sci-Fi Paranoia of the 1950s Become Part of the Contemporary Politcal Landscape

Genre fictions serve very real purposes. Comedies, of course, make life more bearable by making us laugh at the incongruencies we come up against in everyday life. Sword and sorcery