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Embrace Your Inner Geekiness In Style:

The dictionary meaning of the word “Geek” states a person who is intensely interested in a particular field, in our latest infographic we explore the world of geeks, how a


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Should you Play Bingo on or Offline?

Given the sheer number of bingo apps available online, it would seem like a natural progression to enjoy virtual gameplay as opposed to visiting a bricks and mortar hall or


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Afghan Wireless Unveils Its New AWCC SuperWiFi Network

Afghan Wireless, the creation of Ehsan Bayat, has unveiled its new AWCC SuperWiFi network. This new dedicated high-speed network will enable individuals and companies to connect to the Internet in


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Renewable Energy And Linear Motion Systems

Linear actuators are devices that generate linear motion or motion on a straight line. They have wide applicability including in the renewable energy technologies. The efforts aimed at producing renewable