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    So as some of you know, I have kids in the age range of 2-7 and since I am a gamer I have been slowly making them gamers haha – and I thought I would put together a list of some of the best games that we have and (more importantly) they love.

    So here is a quick list organized by age group that may hopefully help you parents try to find a good game to give to your kids as a gift so they can play and have fun (and learn! I know I learned a great deal from games when I was a kid, games that weren’t really supposed to be purely educational at all!).

    Gaming is totally a learning experience! Anyway, here is the list! Onward!

    Ages 2+
    Super Mario Bros U [Wii U] –
    Super Mario Bros Wii [Wii] –
    Super Paper Mario [Wii] – (this one is a little harder, as it has RPG elements)
    Super Mario Galaxy [Wii] –
    (or any super mario bros really, little kids can get into it easily, and its FUN! Everyone loves mario!)

    Ages 4+
    Nintendo Land [Wii U] –
    (So many fun games in here for the family)

    Minecraft [for PC] –
    (This is nearly like virtual legos! It has a bit of a learning curve but its fun to just let your kids go and build stuff in the virtual world :D)

    Any Lego Game [Wii U] –
    (My kids love Lego Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, etc. – anything lego is usually fun!)

    Epic Mickey II [Wii U] –
    (My kids love Mickey too lol)

    Ages 6+
    Scribblenauts Unlimited [Wii U] –
    (this really depends on if your child can easily read or not, if they can, great, if they can’t, its still fun but you actually have to sit there and read everything for them – main point is you have to read and spell to have fun in this game)

    Portal I & II [For PC and Mac] –

    So there you have it! Hopefully you find this list useful – me and my kids have played all of these games listed here and I can tell you that they are all fun and great games in their own right, so if you see one that you haven’t tried and you need a new game – give it a try! Or if you just need some ideas for a gift for your child, there ya go! If you need more kid and family friendly games then maybe check these games that are rated “E” for Everyone! ->

    If you have any games you think we should add to this list then just leave a comment with your list of games – or if you have questions feel free to leave it! That is what the forum is for! Create your own discussion – whatever you want! Anyway – Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing guys!

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