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How to Add Text to Photos on iPhone

With the wide range of photo editing apps available for iPhone, you can easily take your photos one step beyond. Along with the photo editors and filters, some photo editing


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The Secrets of a Successful Number of Shares on Facebook

Facebook for a long time has remained the most used social media platform mainly because of its accommodation for a diverse audience in terms of demographics, as well as improvements


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The Effect Of Social Media On The Professional Sports Industry

As we all know, social media is one of the most prominent (if not THE most) forms of media in the world today. We only have to look at Twitter


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How to Avoid Getting Banned On Your Favorite Social Media Sites?

Getting banned from favorite social media sites is a painful experience for most people. When it comes to individuals, they will have to start everything from the scratches and connect



Just Plain Fun: Today’s Most Entertaining Free Android Apps

With an estimated 2.1 billion people owning a smartphone last year, it’s clear to see that more people are embracing the world of technology than ever before. One of the


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The Importance of Your Online Reputation To A Future Employer

In a study conducted by CareerBuilder, surveyors found that 37 percent of hiring managers use social media sites to research potential employees. At the top of the list, 65 percent


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35+ Epic Astronauts To Follow On Twitter

ASTRONAUTS ASSEMBLE! In many ways they are some one of the closest things we have to superheroes in real life – always fighting for the advancement of mankind. How do