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Tech to Make Your Life Easier

Technology like the internet has already made all our lives so much easier than they were even just a decade ago, so even if we just had the internet and


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4 Tips to Enhance Your Audiobook Listening Experience

Audiobooks are everywhere now and can be purchased as individual titles, provided as part of a premium subscription, or even available freely on certain services. Most people find them extremely



Get Smart With Technology By Going Green

Technology has a lot to offer. From making things easier, to helping you get better at things, the possibilities are endless. In this increasingly eco-aware world, there seems to be


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Hearing aids that can ‘see’ – is this the next step for hearing technology?

cc image by Steve A Johnson Hearing History History of hearing aids The hearing aid was first developed in the 17th century and came in the form of a ‘hearing


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Vitamin String Quartet: New Geek Wedding Album Review & Giveaway!

There is just something about modern music being portrayed in a classical way that really sings to your soul. For geeks, any geeky music played in the same manner is


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Car Radio Through the Decades: From Monophonic Systems, to Embedded Audio

Few things are as quintessentially American as driving a convertible on an open highway with music blasting. The radio has been one of the defining features of American cars ever