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Data Loss In Windows 10 And Free Recovery Software

Technology can be a blessing and a problem at the same time. We are well aware that while using the latest tech devices can be amazing, we have to face


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Want to Try Vr? Samsung’s Giving Away Free Gear Vr Headsets Again at Best Buy For Father’s Day

Virtual reality is popping up everywhere online – the most common place to run into it these days is on YouTube or Facebook, as i’m sure you have ran into


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Sparta: War of Empires Is A Most Enjoyable War Game

In the last few years I avoided playing ‘freemium’ games, because they usually require a certain amount of money to play at a reasonable pace without investing your entire life


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Must-Have Gear for Your Bucket List

We all have secretly held on to a list in the back of our minds of the places we want to go and the things we would find. How will


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Vizio’s New P-Series Reinvents the ‘smart’ TV with Google Cast and Android Tablet Remote

If you are tired of the clunky, slow, and overall useless Smart TV features that we have seen in the TV Industry the past few years then you will be


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Out Of This World Effects And Animations With Abstract Patterns Using Amberlight 2

Here at Infinigeek we love things that take us out of this world, and creativity is the best vehicle to get there. Today we are pleased to feature a design


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The Latest Items for the High-Tech Home

For those who have an appreciation of the latest technology trends — from gadgets to gaming to computers — oftentimes, nothing less than cutting-edge will do. And with tech being


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Enjoy Top Games And Great Bonuses At Vegas Casino

Vegas Casino is a leading online casino that offers a multitude of exciting games, similar to those found at traditional casinos. There are multiple bonuses (including wager-free ones), while a