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US National Statistics on Home Equity in US Households

The housing crisis that began in earnest in 2007 caused rates of U.S. home ownership to decline substantially. On virtually every street there seem to be foreclosure signs popping up.


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Release With Confidence: Everything You Need to Know About Jira Software’s Flagging Feature

Jira is enabling more developers to take greater control over their releases with the introduction of feature flagging. It’s also allowing coders to launch new features at faster speeds, without


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Who Are the Top Female Tech Figures in Today’s Business World?

There is no doubt that great strides have been made over the years in terms of gender equality within the workplace. While there are still issues to resolve in certain


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Top 6 Apps for Writing Your Assignments

The most memorable thing that first comes to mind when you try to describe the university life is studying. That’s true, even with a lot of other activities like going


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10 Benefits of Using Technology in The Classroom

Technology has played a vital role in transforming the lives of people, especially for students in the classroom. Not only students, but teachers are also benefited by the introduction of


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Rolex Day-Date: the clock of the presidents

The Rolex Day-Date is synonymous with luxury, leadership and prestige. This eternal jewel was the first watch to indicate the date and day of the week on the dial. Manufactured in gold


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An Undervalued Component: How Your Business Can Benefit From E-Learning

In many ways, a new business is a learning process all in itself, but when you are building up your employees, and nurturing them to transcend to the next level,


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How to Write API Documentation

Software development has always been a collaborative effort bringing together the skills and expertise of several coders within a team. Unfortunately, many tend to overlook the importance of documentation and