Top Logo Designing Tips Straight From the Field

In today’s visual world, appearance is everything and we are judged on how we represent ourselves. The Logo (an abbreviation of the words Logogram  and/ or Logotype , which in


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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Dr. Strange [Infographic]

The Marvel universe is filled with all sorts of distinctive characters, but few can match the sheer mysterious charm exuded by Doctor Strange. Make its debut in 1963, the titular


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7 Basic Scientific Report Writing Tips for Students

Every student is supposed to be able to prepare scientific reports if he studies at college and university. This academic assignment is more complicated than an essay. The latter is


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The Source of Creativity and Why It All Matters

At its core, creativity is what makes our economy move forward. We typically associate creativity with the arts — art, literature, music, film and so on — and that’s certainly


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How to Make Amazing Sci-Fi Polyscapes on Your Phone

Apps are finally catching up to people’s imaginations, and people are starting to make some pretty wild sci-fi artwork right from their phones. Today we’re talking polyscapes. Polyscapes are beautiful


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The Best Books, Games and Plays for Beating Your Kids’ Summer Boredom

Summer’s coming, and soon the kids will be out of school. You can keep everyone busy this summer with the best plays, books and games of 2016. Nobody will be


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Introducing Adobe’s new UX Design Application

As a general rule, Adobe is the dominant provider of software and design tools to the creative industries. While numerous firms have challenged this dominance, many have either failed (as


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Four Easy Ways to Use a Digital ID Printer

As you know, I am gadget crazy and stay ahead of the trend, so I could not believe that a whole genre of printers had completely passed me by. Until